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College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Mannuthy

The College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences was established in 1955 by the Government of Kerala in1972. It was taken over by the Kerala Agricultural University as a constituent college. The college campus is spread over an area of 147 hectares and is located on the side of the National Highway NH 47 at Mannuthy about 5 km from the Thrissur town. The main objectives of the college are teaching, research and extension in the field of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.The college offers B.V.Sc. & A.H Degree (U.G.) programme. Veterinary Council of India syllabus is being followed in this college from 1994 onwards. A new four year degree B. Tech. (Dairy Science & Technology) was started during the academic year 1993-94. It is proposed to have a new College of Veterinary and animal Science at Pookode, Wynad District from academic year 1999-2000.

The allotment of seats from academic year 1999 admission will be as follows:

The selection of candidates for U.G. programme is through State Entrance Examination (Medicine & Agriculture Courses). Fifteen percentage of seats will be reserved for VCI candidates on the basis of All India Entrance Examination and interview. Other reservation of admissions are as per Goverment rules.

P.G. Programmes

Ph.D. programme is being offered in Anatomy, Animal Breeding & Genetics, Animal Reproduction, Clinical Medicine, Dairy Science, Livestock Production Management, Nutrition, Microbiology, Pathology, Parasitology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Poultry Science and Surgery with intake capacity of two each.

Master's Degree Programeme (M.V.Sc.) is offered in Anatomy, Animal Breeding Genetics, Animal Reproduction, Clinical Medicine, Dairy Science, Extension, Livestock Production Management, Microbiology, Nutrition, Parasitology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Poultry Science, Preventive Medicine, Surgery and Veterinary Public Health with intake capacity of four seats each.

P.G. Diploma programme is offered in the subjects of Meat Technology and Dairy Technology.


The research programme in this Faculty aims for improvement of Livestock and Poultry production, Animal health care and Livestock Product Technology with a commitment of economic betterment to farmers. Field felt problems were taken up such as genetic improvement of Livestock in the State, improved varieties of birds for efficient egg and meat production. Animal feeding trials were undertaken for utilization of Agro Industrial by-products.

In Animal disease areas emerging diseases Aflatoxicocis, Metabolic diseases, Mineral status and Defficiency problems were taken up for evolving better management practice. In fertility problem, management among cattle and dogs are in progress. Embryo transfer technology is also identified as research area, an ICAR project is being implemented in this faculty. Molecular characterization of infectious agents for effective immunization are also being taken up. There are many external funded research programmes through ICAR, DBT, DST and Central and State governments. Currently there are twenty one externally aided research projects in operation in addition to KAU projects

Research Publications (1866 Nos. till January 2000)

Research Stations / Units
  1. University Livestock Farm, Mannuthy (Cattle & Buffalo)
  2. University Poultry & Duck Farm, Mannuthy
  3. University Pig Farm & AICRP on Pig, Mannuthy
  4. University Cattle Breeding Farm, Thumburmuzhi
  5. Livestock Research Station, Thiruvazhamkunnu
  6. University Goat and Sheep Farm, Mannuthy
  7. Rabbitry, Mannuthy
  8. Small Animal Breeding Station, mannuthy
  9. Hatchery under revolving fund scheme
  10. AICRP on Poultry (ICAR), Mannuthy
  11. Dairy Plant, Mannuthy
  12. Meat Technology Unit, Mannuthy
Centre for Advanced Studies in Animal Genetics and Breeding

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Animal genetics and Breeding was established in Kerala Agricultural University in 1986. At present the centre has research capability in population and biometrical genetics, dairy cattle, goat, rabbit, pig and poultry genetics, germplasm conservation of native breeds, wild life genetics and mutation research, karyoloical studies, immunogenetic studies and molecular genetics. The major research achievements of this centre is in dairy cattle breeding by way of developing and establishing a field progeny testing unit. The ICAR field progeny testing unit has come out with research result like the low fat and SNF percentage of crossbred cows of the state, which might necessitate the amendment of Pfa stipulations on fat and SNF of milk. The most commendable achievement of the centre is the conservation of the legendry VECHUR cattle from the jaws of extinction. A well established cytogenetics laboratory of the Centre was instrumental in standardizing and preparing karyotypes of cross-bred cattle, vechur cattle, wild buffaloes, native buffaloes and goats, Rabbit breeding unit of the centre is now established itself as the major source of rabbit kids for the farmers of the state. Training programmes are also being undertaken for the farmers on rabbit rearing practices.

Centre for Advanced Studies in Poultry Science

A Centre for Advanced Studies in Poultry Science was established in November, 1985 to co-ordinate the research activities in the discipline of Poultry Science. In 1976, ICAR sanctioned one centre on AICRP on Poultry for Eggs at Mannuthy.

The department has currently two projects funded by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Major achievements are

  1. Release of cross bred Chicken `Gramalakshmi' suitable to back-yard poultry farming.
  2. Release of layer hybrid Athulya. (ILM-90) suitable for commercial egg production.
  3. Completed five ICAR funded projects
  4. Conducted 46 training programmes
  5. Scientists received "Tukur Ram Avtar Singh" Award 1989 for contribution in the area of Poultry Breeding research
  6. Started a `Revolving Fund Hatchery' with the financial support of ICAR
  7. Released about 209733 number of Gramapriya and 23412 number of Varna chicks to farmers
  8. Conducted lessons in Poultry farming through Farm School on AIR, Thrissur.
Centre for Advanced Studies in Pathology

The Department of Pathology was upgraded to centre of Excellence in Pathology during 1987 by kerala Agricultural University. During 8th Plan period ICAR decided to establish Centre of Advanced Studies in Agriculture and allied subjects at National level. Centre of Excellence in Pathology of Veterinary Faculty was elevated to the station of Centre of Advanced Studies in 1993, fully financed by ICAR based on the merits. This is the only Centre in India in Pathology.

Teaching, Research and Extension are the main activities of the Centre. Besides this, diagnostic services, serving the whole state is an important mandate of this Centre, postgraduate programmes leading to M.V.Sc. and Ph.d. are regularly organized. Training programmes for the benefit of field veterinary officers fully financed by the Department of Animal Husbandry are systematically organized here every year. Disease investigations, Research projects of KAU and projects sponsored by various funding agencies were also undertaken by the Centre. Conformatory diagnosis of Rabies is an important activity of the Centre and this is the only Centre in the state which undertakes Rabies diagnosis. Analysis of feed samples from all over the state for mycotoxin is an integral activity of the centre. The establishement of an electron microscopy unit with transmission and scanning facility at the Centre was a big achievement.

Research work undertaken always paralleled the research publications in national and international journals. Popular articles are regularly published for the benefit of farmers and common man.

  1. Lab to Land programme
  2. Earn while you learn programme for studentsPublication of research articles, popular articles, news bulletins
  3. Leaf lets, radio and TV programmes etc
  4. Seminar, symposia, workshop and exhibitions
  5. Distribution of improved varieties of livestock, chicks, hatching eggs and various livestock products
  6. Animal Health Care programme through clinical Veterinary complex, diagnostic centre and disease investigation camps
  7. Artificial insemination programme for genetic improvement of livestock and birds
  8. National Social Service Programme to benefit farmers for various Veterinary practices
  9. Various short duration training programmes to farmers, officers of the different Government Departments and NGOs.
  10. Attending field disease outbreaks - investigation, diagnosis and advice for management.


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