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ss]\mn KthjW tI{w (Pineapple Research Station)

ss]\mn KthjW tI{w----, hmgfw: hnIk\ cq] tcJ (PRS, Vazhakulam: Development Plan)

ssIX (A\m\mkv tImtamkkv) (Pineapple)

ssIX Irjn (A\m\mkv tImtamkkv C\w Iyp) (Kew Pineapple cultivation)

Imc Irjn (A\m\mkv tImtamkkv C\w audojykv) (Mauritius Pineapple cultivation)

ssIX kwkvcWhpw aqeyh\hpw (Pineapple processing and value addition)

IjIsS km[mcWbmbp tNmZyfpw, Ahp adp]SnIfpw (Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ)

]mj {^qv (Passion fruit)

hmg Irjn (Banana cultivation)

hf {]tbmKw (Manuring)

ssPhIrjn (Organic farming)

\ Irjn k{Zmb (Good Agricultural practices / G.A.P)

kyqtUmtamWmkv (Pseudomonas)

ss{StmsUa (Trichoderma)

kpnc hnf kwcWw (Sustainable crop protection)
സമ്മിശ്ര മത്സ്യകൃഷി (Mixed farming or Polyculture)

ImjoI tIcfw (Agricultural Kerala)

Inkm tIcf (Kissan Kerala)

KqKn \}kv (Google News)

aebmf at\mca (Malayala Manorama)

amXr`qan (Mathrubhumi)

awKfw (Mangalam)

Zo]nI (Deepika)

tIcf IuapZn (Kerala Kaumudi)

മാധ്യമം (Madhyamam)

tZim`nam\n (Deshabhimani)

മലയാളം വാര്‍ത്തകള്‍ (One India News)

മത്സ്യകന്യകമാരുടെ കൂട്ടുകാരി

ആസ്‌തമയ്ക്ക് ആശ്വാസമായി പാഷന്‍ഫ്രൂട്ട്‌

]mj {^qns \Ifpambn kwdm _jo




ss]\mn KthjW tI{w


]mj {^qv 





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Pineapple | GI | Varieties | TC | POP | Organic | Pests | Processing | Passionfruit | Publications | Malayalam      

Home Technology Products Services News Links

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