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No. D.1404/13, Dated: 16.08.2013

Tender Notification 


Sealed competitive tenders are invited for setting up a rainwater harvesting pond at the Regional Agricultural Research Station, Ambalavayal, Wayanad, Kerala with specifications and other details as listed below:

Cost of tender forms:


Cost (Rs.)*

Works/supplies costing Rs.50,000/-  or less

Rs. 300 + VAT @ 5%

Works/supplies costing above Rs. 50,000/-  to Rs. 10,00,000/-

Rs. 1500 +  VAT@ 5%

Supplies costing above Rs. 10,00,000/-

Rs. 2000 + VAT @ 5%

*Please refer to for clarifications/further details


Last date & time of receipt of tender          :  02.09.2013, 11 AM

Date, time & venue of opening of tender    :  02.09.2013, 11.30 AM, RARS, Ambalavayal





1.      Rainwater harvesting pond in block VI of RARS, Ambalavayal


2.      Pond size:  Top: 45 mtr x 45 mtr. Bottom: 35 mtr x 35 mtr


Details of work


1.      1. Excavation and digging of land to form a rainwater harvesting structure with 45mtr x 45mtr top (0.5m above ground level) and 35mtr x 35mtr at bottom

All the five sides should be thoroughly compacted after removing all the sharp edged particles including gravel.

Will have to provide anchoring trench on the top running through the perimeter of 90 cm X 90 cm depth and width.

The excavated soil must be transported and dumped to the potting shed of the station or to any location within 500m from the site as directed from this office.

2. Lining of the structure with 750 micron HDP/geo-membrane sheet

3. Additional lining to cover the HDPE/geo-membrane sheet with 300 micron sky blue HDPE/geo-membrane sheet

4. Protection lining (retaining wall with laterite/brick 4ft including foundation) around the structure

5. Fencing (including gate) with 3 B-class GI pipe posts  (1.2metre height at 3metre between posts) and 4x4 chain link along the retaining wall to cover the entire structure)


Terms and conditions:

1.    The cost of tender form will be accepted only by DD drawn in favour of the Associate Director of Research, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Ambalavayal, 673593, Wayanad, Kerala, payable at State Bank of Travancore, Kolagappara Branch, Ambalavayal, only. Tender forms can be downloaded from the KAU website, and should be submitted to the undersigned along with the cost including VAT.

2.    The envelope containing the tender should be super-scribed as Tender for setting up a rainwater harvesting pond at RARS, Ambalavayal.

3.    While quoting the rates, the detailed break up of works should be clearly mentioned with the specifications.

4.    Successful tenderers should execute an agreement in Kerala stamp paper worth Rs.100/-as per specimen appended in the tender form.  The format of the agreement is also available for reference in the KAU website (

5.    One percent of the value of the tendered work rounded to the nearest rupee subject to a minimum of Rs.100/- has to be remitted as EMD along with the tender.  5% of the value of the articles/works ordered for, rounded to the nearest rupee to a minimum of Rs.100/- will have to be remitted as Security Deposit after the tender is accepted. The amount should be remitted by means of DD/Fixed Deposit Receipt/Bank Guarantee drawn in favour of the Associate Director of Research, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Ambalavayal, payable at State Bank of Travancore, Kolagappara Branch, Ambalavayal, only.

6.    The rate quoted for each item should be inclusive of all charges, taxes if any, F O R Ambalavayal and should be valid for one year w.e.f. the date of issue of work order.

7.    Period of firmness of the quoted rates/prices should be clearly stated in the offer.

8.    There is one Railway Station with in 100 km (Calicut/Kozhikode) and three Road Transport Agencies (KTC, ABT and KRS) Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad within 8 km from Ambalavayal. These are the only facilities for F O R destination at Ambalavayal.

9.    Tenders will be received up to 11 am on 02.09.2013. The tenders received late and without adequate documents will be rejected without any intimation.

10.  Tenders will be opened at 11.30 am on 02.09.2013 in the presence of the tenderers who may be present at that time.

11.  The execution of the above work will be finalized subject to the approval of the University and availability of funds only.

12.  This station is not authorized to issue C forms. Additional claims on account of this on a later date will not be entertained in any case.

13.  Institutions under KAU are exempted (registered with DSIR) from payment of customs and excise duty for our procurements and hence prices quoted should be exclusive of these.  Prices inclusive of ST and other taxes and installation charges, if any, may be indicated. We shall provide the necessary forms and certificates as required.

14.  The work should be completed within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of work order.

15.  Payment as per the invoice will be made only after satisfactorily completion of work as per specifications/satisfactory installation. Tenderer is liable to replace the defective articles/rectify the defective item of work immediately on receipt of intimation.  Payment will be made only in Indian Currency on fulfilment of the contract satisfactorily.

16.  The EMD/Security Deposits furnished will be forfeited in case the contract is not fulfilled as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender notice and agreement.

17.  All other technical and commercial terms and conditions pertaining to the execution of work/installations to Government/Public undertakings as per the code rules in force in Kerala will be applicable in this case also.

18.  Further information such as terms and conditions, detailed specifications of the work/installation, cost of tender forms etc. can be had from the KAU website or from the office of the Associate Director of Research, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Ambalavayal, 673593, Wayanad, Kerala during office hours. The location/sites for proposed developments can be inspected at any time before the stipulated time/date for receipt of tender forms on any working day during office hours.

Special Conditions

1.    Tenders insisting payment in advance either full or part are liable for rejection.

2.    Preference will be given to the articles having the ISI mark if all other conditions are satisfactory.

3.    Details of warrantee offered should be clearly stated in the tender.  Details of maintenance service contract offered after expiry of normal warrantee and after-sales service facilities available should be indicated.

4.    The undersigned reserves the authority to accept or reject any or all of the offers for any particular item without assigning any reason whatsoever.

5.    Complete deduction or reduction in number of any equipment/component listed, if necessary, at the time of purchase/issue of work order without assigning any reason will be at the discretion of the Associate Director of Research, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Ambalavayal.

6.    The decision of the undersigned in finalizing the tenders shall be final and binding.





Associate Director of Research